Headache Care at CNSI

Headache is one of the most common types of pain we experience. Pain from headache can be felt in the head, face, or neck, and vary in intensity, frequency, and strength. Headaches and headache disorders can be caused by environmental factors, such as stress, or may result from another health condition. At the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Center, we offer a broad scope of treatment options for a variety of headache symptoms.

Our experienced specialists and highly-trained providers are committed to the comprehensive treatment of headache symptoms and disorders. We strive to provide patient-centered care and to craft a treatment plan that’s right for you. At the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Center, we value your well-being, and work hard to find ways to help you alleviate your discomfort.

Conditions We Treat

Our experienced and professional team of board-certified specialists and providers are educated and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches, including:

Diagnosing Headaches

Understanding your symptoms is key for a doctor when diagnosing a headache. This may include a review of your family and medical history, or a physical examination. Arriving at a specific diagnosis may depend on identifying the intensity of the pain, its frequency, and what, if other, symptoms accompany or precede the condition.

There are two types of headaches, primary and secondary. Primary headaches are conditions that exist on their own, outside any other illness. Secondary headaches are those that are symptoms of another health condition, such as trauma or disease.

How We Treat Headaches 

CNSI’s Headache Center offers a wide range of treatment options for patients suffering

from a variety of headache symptoms. Our treatment options include:  

The skilled providers at the CNSI Headache Center are available to treat your symptoms so you don’t have to go to the emergency room. We offer inpatient evaluation and treatment, and also therapies that can be done at home, for basic conditions and for disorders that are more intense and don’t respond to conventional medications.