First Annual CNSI Research Symposium

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) hosted its First Annual CNSI Research Symposium on Sept. 25, 2017, as part of our commitment to continued professional development, and providing evidence-based health care strategies for the communities we serve.

We reviewed and discussed current and completed research projects in which CNSI participated. Our specialists made the following presentations to our audience of physicians and nurses:

  • Dr. Terry - Therapy Penumbra, Action IIa and Biogen IIb, Mistie
  • Dr. Cheng Ching - Device Studies, Respect ESUS, Basilar Artery Study
  • Dr. Jacobs - Point, Prisms
  • Dr. Ludwig/April Daubenspeck - Biomarkers of Ischemic Stroke Identified in Penumbral Blood
  • Dr. Balogapal - A retrospective chart review to determine the assessment elements of a stroke scale used to detect patients with large vessel occlusion used during the initial assessment of acute stroke patients
  • Dr. Terry/Jeri Braunlin - Feasibility and Accuracy of Predicting Stroke Severity in the Field
  • Dr. Man - Is the effort paid off?--The Delivery of Evidence-based Stroke Care in Comprehensive Stroke Centers
  • Dr. Bramlage - Non-enhancing metastatic disease of the CNS, a case report
  • Dr. Terry/Julie Neff - Impact of an Endovascular Stroke Response - Protocol on Time to Treatment and Outcome in Stroke Patients Undergoing Endovascular Recanalization
  • Kathleen Cook, RN, BSN - Reducing CAUTI’s in the Neuro ICU

We look forward to presenting more research findings in the future, and to positively impacting those in our communities and beyond.